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Winter Season Begins Week of December 2
Fall Season Begins Week of September 3

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NCSP Lil’ Kickers Program

North County Soccer Park’s Lil’ Kickers is a non-competitive, instructional soccer program created to introduce children ages 18 months to 9 years old to the beautiful game of soccer. Lil’ Kickers classes develop important soccer skills such as dribbling, trapping, and shooting. Passing skills are also learned at the older ages. Developmentally appropriate equipment and games are used to teach your child the fundamentals of soccer in a fun, exciting, and positive environment.

We offer many different class levels offered based on AGE and SKILL LEVEL.

  • Twelve (12) classes per session (one class per week). Lil’ Kickers T-shirt and Lil’ Kickers Award Medal included.
  • Trained Instructors use a weekly curriculum but have the flexibility and experience to tailor the instruction for each specific class.
  • All children learn the important social skills of playing with other students, teamwork, listening to instructions, and learning to interact and form a positive bond with their soccer coach.
  • All classes are held at the NCSP Poway and Escondido Sports Center.

Jon Martin, Director of Lil’ Kickers, or an NCSP Manager is available by phone at 858-748-4260 to answer any general questions you may have regarding the best class level for your child. We look forward to having your child join the NCSP Lil’ Kickers Program!

Class Locations & Schedules

North County Soccer Park

Winter Session Begins Week of Monday, December 2

Winter Schedule

Escondido Sports Center

Winter Session Begins Week of Wednesday, December 4

Winter Schedule

Class Descriptions

Lil’ Kickers is tailored to how kids learn at different ages – using soccer to help kids tackle key developmental milestones. Every aspect of our curriculum was created with child development experts and our coaches are highly trained to work effectively with kids of all ages.


The Bunnies class is designed for toddlers and parents to explore basic soccer and movement activities to develop gross motor skills and to teach the fundamental skill of kicking the ball using feet. Social skill building is a key element of the Bunnies class, where children learn to play with others and start interacting with their soccer coach in addition to their parent. Activities include Score-a-Goal! game, Squishy Balls, parachute activities, and the famous Cone Towers! Class is 50 minutes, once a week, child to coach ratio of 15:1.


Thumpers is a parent/child class that introduces 2-year-old children to the basic concepts of soccer, including dribbling the soccer ball using feet (not hands!), trapping, and shooting. Parents help guide children through the activities as they begin to learn to listen to the Lil’ Kickers Coach’s instructions and to interact with other children in the class. Class is 50 minutes, once a week, child to coach ratio is 12:1.


Cottontails is a parent/child class, but it is designed to encourage your child to gain more independence and to start interacting more with the Lil’ Kickers coach rather than just interacting with you, the parent. Parents certainly are encouraged to help their child with the activities as needed. However, your child’s Cottontails Coach will enthusiastically engage your child in various soccer-related activities to promote more and more independent interaction between player and coach. Cottontails focus on dribbling the soccer ball using feet only (not hands!), trapping, and shooting. During the activities, teamwork and interacting positively with the Lil’ Kickers Coach are emphasized. Class is 50 minutes, once a week, child to coach ratio is at least 7:1.


Hoppers classes are fun and fast-paced, focusing on improving balance, coordination, and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games to help kids develop listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork. Hoppers classes are the first class where children participate independently.


Jackrabbits classes are designed to help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children play creative games to develop fundamental soccer skills and will also be introduced to more one-ball oriented games and scrimmaging. The focus of the scrimmages will be to help players understand how to apply skills in different situations and building teamwork. Some small sided non-competitive soccer games are introduced.

  • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 7:1

Big Feet

Big Feet classes provide a great introduction to the sport of soccer for your 5- or 6-year-old child. Big Feet players learn to dribble the ball close to their feet (no hands!), to trap the ball for better ball control, and to shoot and score goals. All of this learning by your Big Feet player takes place in a non-competitive environment. This is a key requirement for children this age to learn to love the sport of soccer. Often times, 5- and 6-year-old children with no soccer experience or skills join soccer leagues where well-intentioned parents excitedly scream from the sidelines that the player is going the wrong way or doesn’t know what they’re doing. Children can shut down in this type of environment. Big Feet classes allow children to learn the fundamentals of soccer without the pressure of a competitive game. Although the focus in Big Feet is on individual soccer skills, Big Feet players also will learn teamwork and passing skills when they are introduced to scrimmages (or small-sided games) where two “teams” are going after one soccer ball. Class is 50 minutes, once a week, child to coach ratio of 12:1.

Micro Classes

Micro Classes for either 4- and 5-year-olds or 6- to 9-year-olds provide more advanced soccer skills training and weekly scrimmages for your soccer player. Micro League-ers continue to work on dribbling and ball control skills, but also work on shielding, “give and go’s”, and other team-related tactics and strategies. Each class includes 30 minutes of instruction to work on individual and team skills, and then 20 minutes of scrimmage to work on applying those skills in a “game” setting (i.e., 2 “teams” going after 1 ball). The Lil’ Kickers coaches periodically stop the scrimmage to instruct the players on how to improve their game skills and tactics. Shinguards are mandatory. Class is 50 minutes, once a week, 30 minutes instruction/20 minute scrimmage, child to coach ratio of at least 12:1.

Skills Institute

Take the next step with Skills Institute – a soccer development program. Our players have fun learning and improving technical and tactical soccer skills while tackling key developmental milestones.
Learn More


Yes! We offer open enrollment, so that you can join anytime and have your class fees prorated.  This means that you pay only for the remaining class and not the full session fee.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor soccer shoes (no cleats) or plain tennis shoes. Shinguards are encouraged for Micro Classes and Skills Institute classes. Lil’ Kicker jerseys are provided with the purchase of the required annual membership fee ($20). Outfitting your child in Lil’ Kickers garb is a fun way to make your child feel part of a team.  Kids naturally appreciate looking like older uniformed kids and role models.  Plus a uniform gives kids a sense of belonging because they look like others on the team.

Classes are co-ed, so the mix of boys and girls is based on who registers. If you have five or more players and we have enough field space, we are open to creating a special class for you with your requested mix of children.
Our Jackrabbits and Hoppers courses are two options for the same age bracket. Hoppers is a beginners level course whereas Jackrabbits is intermediate. Both courses contain creative games meant to further develop the child’s gross motor skills and start developing their finer motor skills. Jackrabbits, however, is run at a faster pace, introduces kids to more soccer techniques and skills, and starts bringing in game situations via small-sided scrimmages.
No, all registrations are first come, first serve basis.
All Lil’ Kickers Coaches are carefully screened to ensure we provide quality, child-centered, high energy instruction. Each Coach goes through rigorous training process, which includes on-field and curriculum training.

If you are a current customer, then you can register online through DASH any time of the day or night!

You are allowed to make up 3 classes maximum within the session in which you are enrolled, subject to space availability. We typically offer many other class times, so usually this is not a problem; however we cannot guarantee that space will be available.  Please note that you cannot carryover make-up classes into later sessions.
No, classes are 50 minutes and require a parent or guardian to be on-site.
No, but we do offer one free trial class to new customers to see if your child enjoys the Lil’ Kickers experience.
No, the free trial class is discounted from the class fee paid when you sign up.
Children with special needs are welcomed in our program as long as we are equipped to assist them accordingly. Please contact your our Lil’ Kickers Coordinator for more information.
The entire session must be paid in full at the time of registration. However, since we offer open enrollment, we do prorate class fees when joining after the season has started.
The free trial policy is usually limited to one free class per child. However, in special circumstances a Lil’ Kickers Coordinator may offer an additional free class to a child, particularly if it’s been a long time since the last free trial class.
Yes, though you will need to register and pay for the additional class sessions separately.
No, in order to maintain class ratios and consistency within the program, we schedule children for specific times and days. When registering, be sure to first determine which day best suits your schedule. Of course there may be an occasion when a make-up class is needed. In that situation, you can schedule a make-up class for any day in which class space is available. If your schedule changes during the session, and you need to switch days, we will try to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. However, changes cannot be guaranteed and are based on space availability.