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LK Dribbling Kickers

Dribbling Kickers

Thanks for visiting North County Soccer Park’s website! It is nice to “see” you here but we really hope to meet you face to face and get to know you and your family. We are a business that caters to both the beginning, recreational player and the competitive one through a variety of leagues and classes. The North County Soccer Park (NCSP) was founded in 1986. At the time, it was one of San Diego’s only arena soccer facilities. Since that time, it has become an icon in the San Diego soccer community and serves them seven days a week. It is San Diego’s most successful and longest-running arena soccer facility. Literally, tens of thousands of players have scored goals (or prevented them) on our fields. Depending on the time of year, we have upwards of 180+ teams of adults and children playing every week as well as another 1600+ children (18 mos.-12 yrs old) in our Lil’ Kickers soccer and Skills Institute classes.

There are two arenas and an outdoor turf field. The turf is used for classes, private training, and some of our warmups.

The smaller of the two arenas is called our Mini-field. It measures 85′ x 50′. It is ideal for beginning and younger soccer players, or what we call Pee Wees, to start playing in a league. Pee Wee leagues on this field are set up based on their birth year and play 4v4 (four on our team vs four on their team). Each team will have up to 8 children on their roster. The walls of the arena keep the ball in play and lead to exciting, high-scoring matches. Skilled and competitive youth players also love the mini-field for its 3v3 or 4v4 leagues. Smaller team sides on a shorter field leads to rapid skill development, quick decision-making, and constant action. Youth players 11-17 years old play in either our Juniors or High School 3v3 league. For the Pee Wees and Juniors, the soccer park office creates the teams. You can select 1-2 buddy choices to play on the same team but no more and no promises. Close games are more important to us than if you get to handpick your winning team before the first whistle and kickoff. The High School league players can either register individually or bring in their own team. All youth teams are coed. Adults also play on the mini-field in either our Coed 4v4, Women 3v3, or Men 3v3 leagues. These are very fun, popular leagues that players of all skills enjoy. You literally are involved in the action the entire time you are on the field. You will be passing, shooting, or stealing the ball the moment you step on the pitch!

The larger of the two arenas is called our Stadium field. It measures 200′ x 85′. It is the largest arena soccer field in Southern California. Adult and youth teams play 6v6 (5 plus a goalie) on this beautiful field. Pee Wees 9-11 years old, Juniors 11-14 years old, youth competitive teams U8-14, and adults relish this field for its size, ability to carry the ball, and exciting game play. Many different adult coed, women’s, and men’s leagues are offered. They are based on age, skill, and gender. Some teams have been in our leagues for over 20 years. Often players drive by other soccer facilities that are closer to their home or work so they can compete on the stadium field. They must keep coming back for something!

NCSP Mini Field

Mini Field for Adults and Kids

Mobile Goal Car for NCSP

Goooaaal Patrol!

Stadium Field 

Stadium Field Player View

NCSP Field with Sign

Stadium and Sign

Stadium from Above


Stadium and Bleachers

NCSP Main Field

Stadium Field

Stadium Field

Outdoor Field

Outdoor Field