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CRU Soccer at North County Soccer Park

CRU Soccer is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women, through soccer, to be well and to be lifelong learners.

Our Technical Skill Building Classes give players the tools they need to enjoy playing, competing, and making a difference on the field. We prepare players at all levels to advance in the sport, while building confidence through dedicated practice.

Our 50 minute classes led by female coaches, create a safe space for girls to grow their skills through positive coaching and elite training methodologies.

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March 15 – June 8

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CRU Soccer Level Descriptions


Level 1

Girls Ages 6-10 who are new club soccer players.

Our goal is to introduce and develop soccer skills for basic club soccer competency.


Level 2

Girls Ages 7-12 who are mid team (B/C/D) club soccer players.

Our goal is to develop soccer skills to move players up to higher level teams.


Level 3

Girls Ages 9-14 who are top team(s) (A/B) club soccer players.

Our goal is to develop soccer skills to keep players on top teams.