Updated May 1st, 2020 at 9:30am


We are closed until the afternoon of May 18, 2020. Please read below as to why we pick this soft, gradual, reopening date. We will continue to monitor the situation. No matter what, you will receive all the games and classes that you paid for!

Dear Valued North County Soccer Park Customers –

When you visit the North County Soccer Park, or its satellite at the Escondido Sports Center, we want you to fully enjoy your time with friends and family, knowing that your safety is our main priority. We are continuously monitoring and implementing the recommendations provided by the CDC and local health departments. Our objective is to do our part to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, while allowing our customers to live a normal life and our employees to have gainful employment.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, which the US government has used to daily quantify this pandemic and predict future expectations, has updated its models to offer an initial projection of when states might be able to lift shelter-in-place orders and ease social distancing restrictions, as long as containment measures are in place. The outlook is brighter for California than most other states, where restrictions could start rolling back starting May 17.

As a number of states and local jurisdictions begin planning for a phased return to normalcy, the North County Soccer Park, as well as US Club Soccer, has targeted Monday, May 18, as the date we hope to reopen. This is subject to change, of course, but it is our hope that our members can begin to sensibly return to the fields after that, subject to some requirements and recommendations.

The return-to-play decision is a complicated one. We understand just how important it is for players, parents, and children to play organized soccer again. But, as parts of the county begin to open up over the coming weeks, we encourage everyone to exercise extreme caution and continue to abide by public health experts’ guidelines for hygiene, physical distancing, facemask use, etc. You can read about those guidelines on this CDC web page.

When play does resume in your area, we’ll require compliance with safety measures that adhere to the CDC and federal and local governments. We will share a comprehensive list before returning to play.

Again, May 18 is a soft reopening date for NCSP. We are being realistic and will not push leagues or programs forward unnecessarily. 2020 is going to be a difficult year for many Americans for many reasons. But…we love what we do, our customers love playing with us, and we have to start tentatively planning for the future. Yesterday, Governor Newsom said that the state may start opening up in as little as a couple weeks. May 18 is almost three weeks from now. As a business, it is prudent and necessary for NCSP to start prepping for that anticipated reopening.

Adult & Youth Leagues

Whether you are an adult or a child, every life is precious and important. Thankfully, our children appear to be safe from the effects of this virus. According to statistics from yesterday, April 28, for all Californians ages 0-17, only 3% have been infected and not a single one has died. That is amazing! For ages 18-49, only 7% of those infected have died. Tragic if you know someone who died but that is also a 93% survival rate.

All adult and youth league games will be postponed until the afternoon/evening of Monday, May 18, 2020. That date is subject to change based on CDC, federal, state, and local guidelines.

Lil’ Kickers, Lil Sluggers, and Skills Institute Classes

All of our classes in Poway have been postponed until May 18, 2020. The Spring session has essentially become the Summer session. We will be very flexible and continue to keep you informed.

All of our classes in Escondido have been postponed until the Recreation Department decides to open the Escondido Sports Center up again.

What happens after this health crisis is over and NCSP is open again?

The North County Soccer Park has been serving San Diego County for over 34 years. That means we are very resilient, thanks to you, our loyal customers. We will survive COVID-19. This unparalleled, global, crisis of our lives will end at some point. NCSP, because of its staff, customers, and mission will bounce back stronger than ever. 2020 will be a rebuilding and resetting year. We strive to be very good at what we do and that gives us an edge over our competition. In that regard, nothing has changed. Only the dates of your games or classes have changed.

Once we resume activities again, dedicated staff will be cleaning all areas more frequently than usual. Additionally, we are buying alcohol-based hand sanitizer for the front office and the entrances to the fields.

We are instituting a no-contact rule. We will keep the high energy, fun atmosphere, while disallowing High-5s, hands-in team cheers, and no hand stamps.

Our instructors will be washing their hands in-between every class hour. Referees will be washing their hands in between every game. Inside concessions staff will wash frequently and as needed.

We are committed to navigating through these difficult circumstances with your safety at the forefront of everything we do. Thank you for being a loyal guest, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Hang in there. Continue to be grateful for all the blessings we have in our lives. Athletics, sports competition, and the friendships made along the way are an important part of living a healthy life.

Finally, we have not been in the office because of the state ordered lock down almost six weeks ago. Many emails and phone calls have not been answered and we sincerely apologize for that perceived snub. As things further settle down, we will be in the office more and be much more prompt in getting back to you.

Thank you,

David Brennan and Rod Bleakley
North County Soccer Park Owners