Summer Soccer Camp Testimonials



“NCSP CAMP COACHES: Thank you so much for such wonderful camps. It is so nice to watch the kids have so much fun & be with such loving, nurturing & supportive coaches. Your camp is the one camp the kids always want to do. They tell us all about their experiences with such enthusiasm & joy. Coach Larry always speaks of what great families we are at the ceremonies, meanwhile, taking no credit for the incredible “family” all the kids have at camp. You are very important in their lives especially because of the kind of role models you are & the 110% dedication you give them. Our culture needs more of what you are giving these children. Our family wants to express our deep appreciation for what you are doing for these kids. Our kids talk about each of you regularly & admire you so much!”

“Camp was great & my son was excited to come everyday. He loved Coach Diane and I saw a great change in his soccer abilities.”

“What a great week they had! Thanks to the great coaches! We hear about you every evening. We’ll be back!”

“Jorge enjoyed the camp & Coach Larry very much! So much that he wants to do it again next week without stopping.”

“The coaches at soccer camp are awesome! They set a great example for all ages. Soccer has become a huge part of Hunter’s life. What great sportsmanship he has learned! NCSP is a great family experience.”

“This is the second week of soccer camp that my son has attended and he’s loved every minute of it!! The coaches make it fun with an array of games & drills…keep it up.”

“My son was up, dressed, and ready to go to soccer camp by 6:30am each morning. (Editor’s note: Camp starts at 8:00am) He had a wonderful learning experience and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the coaches. Thank you for adding so much to his love for soccer in such a positive environment.”

“Great Job!!! My kids loved the summer soccer camp and even commented, ‘Soccer camp is so much fun that it seems like we were there for 10 minutes!’”

“Mike and Connor rave about camp everyday!”

“Thanks to Coach Paul & the rest of the staff for making soccer camp such a great experience for Sean! He had a great time. Thanks.”

“We were impressed with the caliber of the coaching!”

“Sarah and Megan enjoyed the individual attention particularly for Coaches Larry, Stefanie, and Paul.”

“Thank you so much for your commitment to teach our kids Matthew, Nicholas, and Alexis. You all have been terrific role models. Our kids will have fond memories of this camp! I appreciate not only the good skills they have learned, but also the good sportsmanship.”

“Nikolas and Christopher had a great time. Thanks for all your efforts coaches!”

“Nicholas loved the games. He made three goals which really increased his confidence and joy with the game.”

“My son Trevor has been playing soccer for 3 of NCSP’s “seasons”. He has had a great time at camp and has learned some new skills to improve his game. He also says his coaches are ‘very nice!’”

“Thanks to all the coaches. Brendan loved his experience at soccer camp. I kept hearing about Coach Nick!”

“My kids (Jacob and Marissa) really seemed to enjoy this camp. First time Jacob has liked soccer!”

“Luke and Kara loved this camp. They do not play on soccer teams but were very excited to play. You made the drills very fun for kids. Thanks!”

“My son Gregory enjoyed the June soccer camp very much. I was able to watch him a little during the practices and was pleased that he is more assertive than last year and really wanted to go after the ball. And, he really liked the ‘slushies’!”

“(From Mike-8 years old) Thanks for coaching everybody in our group. Coaches are the best!”

“My daughter is beginning to enjoy soccer. She is learning a lot and the coaches are really helpful.”

“Thanks for a great camp! My son loved every minute of it!”

“Conrad had a lot of fun. It was a great experience for his first try at soccer.”

“My kids had a blast – 3rd time at soccer camp here for my 8-year old boy.”

“Spectacular – as always! Love Coach Mike – glad he’s back this year. Looking forward to next session.”

“It was great. My son learned a lot about technique and got a lot of practice. I thought the young junior coaches were great for the young ones!”

“Great soccer camp! The 2 boys enjoyed it tremendously and always come home with information about each session and the new things learned.”

“My son enjoyed the camp tremendously. Watching him for about 15 minutes one day, I could see his improvement and he’s gotten better. Thank you.”

“My daughter really loved this camp. Her instructor was excellent. Great job!”

“Excellent soccer camp. The kids have fun and the coaches seem to relate well to them!”

“My son loved it so much that we will be signing up again for the next camp. Coaches are great!!!”

“My son really enjoyed being on the Blue Dragons. He can’t wait for the next camp. I would like to thank NCSP for providing a great sports experience for my son.”

“He loved it. He even traded teams to be with Coach Sarah again (He had her during the Spring Break camp!) He was never bored and looked forward to camp everyday.”

“Wanted to say thank you to all the staff and coaches. Great job! My girls loved it!”

“My son Max had a great time. Thank you to Coaches Paul and Ben.”

“Great camp! Coach Brett is awesome! Very encouraging and responsible. See you at the Holiday camp in December!”

“We really appreciate that the coaches focus on the safety of the kids & never leave them unsupervised. The coaches also keep the kids in line in a very gentle way. We love Coaches Larry and Brett. They are a huge asset to the camp!”

“My son immensely enjoyed himself – the games, the kids, the coaches – he had fun and learned. Wonderful experience. Thanks!”

“Coach Larry is very inspiring and knows how to get the kids’ attention by thinking like a kid. Coach Brett looked like a great coach too. We wish we could have him sometime.”

“My lil’ soccer player had a very good 2nd summer camp experience. All of you do a wonderful job. Thank you!”

“Jacob had a great camp and learned a lot. He enjoyed Coach Larry’s advice and coaching. Amanda enjoyed the camp and her coach. She likes the group games and the skills training>”

“My two sons had a great week. They came home enthusiastic and shared a lot about the new skills they learned. I especially liked the constant attention and verbal instructions all the coaches gave to their group-they kept talking to the kids in a way they could relate to. We’ll be back!”

“My daughter’s coach was Steve and he was great! Very, very patient and enthusiastic. Every coach and staff member was great and seemed to be happy to be there. I like everything about North County Soccer Park. You are doing a great job and provide a valuable community service.”

“Special thanks to the wonderful yellow team coaches for displaying leadership and patience with the little kids and instilling confidence in their young abilities!”

“My child, Daphne, has enjoyed her first soccer experience here very much-especially Coach Larry. Thank You!”

“Very great experience. All the coaches seem to be really patient. (Special thanks to Steve who had to coach my son.) He will be signing up for the next camp.”

“My son really enjoyed this soccer camp. He took a lot of soccer camps this summer but said North County Soccer Park’s was the best! The coaches are excellent. Thank you.”

“Casey loved the camp! Thanks for helping her develop proper technique. She has had very little coaching help in the 2-3 years she’s played recreationally. I can see improvement already!”

“This was Baylee’s first sport playing camp and sport playing experience. She really enjoyed Coach Larry and was really excited to come everyday! Thank you.”

“A lot of fun while improving soccer skills. Good camp!”

“Andy has enjoyed the program-everything has been great. Coaches Steve and Christie were great!”

“Great job!!! Can’t wait to do it again.”

“From what I saw you all did a terrific job. Although I know it is difficult to tend to so many young kids at once, the coaches did great. It’s hard to keep the kids’ attention all the time too but they did. My son really enjoyed the camp.”

“Great leadership! Fun Camp! The staff did a great job to make it interesting for kids.”

“My daughter really enjoyed the camp and felt the coaches were ‘really nice’ (Brett and JoAnn). As a parent, I really appreciated the friendliness of ALL the staff, even the children helpers. Sport Goofy was a big hit too!”

“Great work on gathering coaches. Both my boys had a Blast! See you in September.”

“Wes really enjoyed this camp. Thank you coaches for your enthusiastic teaching and
efforts to make this camp very fun!”

“My son Brendan really enjoyed the two weeks of summer soccer camp he attended. This last week was hot but he insisted on attending and has loved every minute of it! Brendan was shy and this camp has made a huge difference for him. Yesterday, I asked who his favorite coach was and he goes down the list – Coach Paul, Larry, Brett,
Brendan, etc., and then says that really they are all his favorite. Thanks for making Brendan’s summer special!!!”

“I liked that the coaches were comfortable talking with kids & parents. My son usually has a hard time in group activities, but he loved this camp and I can tell he learned a lot.”

“My son, Yuta, really enjoyed this camp. He has learned a lot of skills and he keeps telling me he would love to learn more and more and more. He will definitely come back to the next camp. Also, I enjoyed watching him play and witnessing how excited he was every day! Thank you so much!”

“My daughter had a wonderful experience at soccer camp. She was excited to come and felt very successful. She learned many new skills. Thanks for a great time!”

“We, as parents of Joshua S., have enjoyed the wonderful experience NCSP provides at its soccer camps (our 3rd one). Joshua has been excited through and through. Thank you Coach Larry for being such a wonderful person & educator. Thank you also to all the other coaches we’ve been with – Coaches Paul, Steve, Christie, and all the others!”

“This was Baylee’s second soccer camp at North County Soccer Park. She had a great time and learned a lot. She’ll be back next year. Thanks!”

“Kids had a great time at camp this week. Coaching was great with lots of positive feedback. I liked the fact that there were plenty of coaches per child. Also, the coaches were very kind to the children which is very important to parents. I will definitely sign my kids up again!”

“This was Jesse’s third year at soccer camp and he wants to come back again next time. It’s a great opportunity for him to improve his skills. He really likes his coaches and enjoyed the camp very much. Thanks for doing such a great job!”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better camp experience for my son! He was excited to come each day and eager to show me all the skills and tricks he learned. The coaches are amazing! We will be back to participate for years to come.”

“My son had a wonderful time. He looked forward to coming everyday. We’d like to thank the coaches for their time and expertise. Thanks a bunch!”

“This was the first time my son Cheynne has attended a soccer camp and I was very impressed with it. My son was very excited every morning to attend. I think Coach Larry did an outstanding job with the kids. I will be signing him up again. Thanks!!”

“William looked forward to coming every day. This is a wonderful experience for the real ‘little’ soccer players. The coaches were great at putting the terms into kid friendly language.”

“Fabulous like always!!”

“A kid’s point of view: ‘I like the kids against the coaches! I like the cow patty game. I like to play on the big field (Hunter). This soccer camp really benefits because of the variety of fields available – big field, little field, indoor and outdoor. The coaches and helpers are above and beyond and that’s why we are back for the 4th time. I could not deprive my son from being around people who love soccer the way he does. Thanks again!”

“Michael had a blast! He loved the activities and especially the ‘coaches against kids’ games. He said, ‘I wish we could come again. It was really fun!’”